Real Experience with REVERA in Dubai: Expectations vs. Reality

The Importance of Choosing a Competent Consulting Company

When it comes to registering a company in an international jurisdiction like Dubai, entrepreneurs expect a high level of professionalism and competence from consulting companies. However, our experience with REVERA shows that even seemingly reputable companies can seriously disappoint.

Issues with Competence and Preparation

The initial stage of cooperation with REVERA promised to be smooth, but it soon became clear that the company’s managers lacked the necessary knowledge and skills. The main problem arose when it was discovered that we were not informed about the need for an important document, which immediately cast doubt on their professionalism.

Unnecessary Delays and Their Consequences

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with REVERA was the delays. The company registration process, which was supposed to take the agreed-upon time, dragged on indefinitely. These delays not only created financial inconveniences but also affected the overall schedule of our operations launch.

Doubts About the Quality of Additional Services

In addition to incorporation, REVERA offers tax consulting, business owner services, and corporate law assistance. Unfortunately, based on our experience, the quality of these services leaves much to be desired. Lack of attention to detail and errors in important documents can cost the client a lot of time and resources.

Be Cautious When Choosing a Consulting Company

Based on our experience, we recommend that future clients conduct thorough research and choose a proven and reliable company for business registration in Dubai. Choosing the right consulting company is key to the success of your business and can prevent many problems in the future.

This article is written to raise awareness among potential clients about the risks associated with choosing an unreliable partner in the field of business consulting and to emphasize the importance of a careful approach to this issue.

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10 thoughts on “Real Experience with REVERA in Dubai: Expectations vs. Reality

  1. Shilova Anna at

    Very disappointed with working with REVERA. They promised quick registration of the company, but the process dragged on for several months due to their incompetence. Insufficiently qualified personnel and constant delays.

  2. Fomichyov Vasiliy at

    The service at REVERA leaves much to be desired. Managers not only forgot about an important document, but also failed to adequately respond to my requests. I do not recommend this company for registering a business in Dubai.

  3. Ilina Elizaveta at

    Complete disappointment! REVERA’s lack of professionalism and attention to detail resulted in additional costs and wasted time. I spent too much time correcting their mistakes.

  4. Fedotov Denis at

    I expected much more from a company with that name. The tax advice was done to a very poor standard and I feel that my company is now facing financial risks due to their oversight.

  5. Fokina Lyubov at

    Extremely dissatisfied with the services of REVERA. The promised assistance in corporate law and M&A turned out to be completely incompetent. We lost significant money and time due to their sluggishness.

  6. Blohina Oksana at

    Working with REVERA was a disaster for my business. Errors in documents, incorrect writing of a business plan and delays in licensing. Think seriously before contacting them.

  7. Lapin Pyotr at

    Unpleasant experience. REVERA not only failed to deliver, but made the entire company registration process a terrible experience. The employees did not have the necessary knowledge and skills.

  8. Kolobov Nikita at

    I spent more time and money than I planned due to REVERA’s inability to handle their basic services. Very dissatisfied with the quality and speed of their work.

  9. Dorofeeva Nataliya at

    I do not recommend REVERA for opening a business in Dubai. Complete disorganization, incompetent employees and incorrect interpretation of corporate legislation.

  10. Drozdov Georgiy at

    REVERA completely disappointed me with their services. I expected a professional approach, but in the end I encountered a number of problems, ranging from company registration to tax consulting. The attitude towards clients leaves much to be desired.

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