Unfulfilled Promises of Al Mubadarah: Caution When Registering a Company in Dubai

Choosing a Consulting Company in the UAE

When registering a company in Dubai, many entrepreneurs seek reliable support from consulting firms to simplify and expedite the process. Al Mubadarah promises extensive business services, but the real experience of clients often differs from expectations.

Issues with Competence and Communication

The initial stage of cooperation with Al Mubadarah seemed promising, but it soon became clear that the company suffers from serious problems with the competence of its staff. Clients encountered insufficient qualifications of managers, who missed important documentation details necessary for registration.

Registration Delays and Business Consequences

One of the most disappointing aspects of working with Al Mubadarah was the delays caused by improper document collection and oversight. These delays not only postponed the business launch but also led to additional financial costs for clients expecting a quick and efficient resolution of their requests.

Lack of Professionalism and Poor Quality of Services

In addition to company registration in the UAE and Free Zones, Al Mubadarah offers offshore account opening services and support for starting a new business. However, many clients reported low quality of services provided, raising doubts about the company’s professionalism.

Conclusions and Recommendations for Future Clients

Based on the reviews of many dissatisfied clients, it is important to approach the selection of a consulting company in Dubai carefully. Unfortunately, Al Mubadarah has shown itself in a poor light. Before starting cooperation, it is recommended to conduct a thorough market analysis and choose a more reliable and proven partner.

This article is written to inform potential clients about possible risks and to warn them against cooperating with companies that cannot guarantee a high level of service and support.

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10 thoughts on “Unfulfilled Promises of Al Mubadarah: Caution When Registering a Company in Dubai

  1. Korolyova Mariya at

    Unsatisfactory experience with Al Mubadarah. I expected clear assistance in registering a company, but due to the incompetence of managers, the process dragged on for several months. Very disappointed.

  2. Dvorczov Aleksey at

    Al Mubadarah promised a quick opening of the company, but everything ended in colossal delays and incorrect paperwork. Low level work.

  3. Chikunskaya Viktoriya at

    Seriously upset about working with Al Mubadarah. They missed an important document for my freelance permit, resulting in unnecessary delays and costs. I don’t recommend it.

  4. Naumov Oleg at

    Complete disappointment from cooperation with Al Mubadarah. Inattention to detail and lack of professionalism cost me time and money. Disgusting service.

  5. Manturova Svetlana at

    The experience with Al Mubadarah was horrifying. I expected support and a professional approach, but all I got was chaos and broken promises. Failure on all levels.

  6. Kostin Danila at

    Al Mubadarah failed to cope with the task of opening an offshore account. There were many errors and misunderstandings in the process, which led to significant delays. Very bad experience.

  7. Nazimova Diana at

    I turned to Al Mubadarah for help in opening a new business, but their ‘support’ turned out to be complete incompetence. They don’t know how to meet deadlines, they make a lot of mistakes.

  8. Taneev Arkadiy at

    I expected professional service from Al Mubadarah, but was faced with complete disorganization and the inability to complete basic tasks. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

  9. Arapova Veronika at

    Disgusting experience with Al Mubadarah. They made mistakes in the legal documents, which seriously hampered the process of registering my company. Totally unprofessional.

  10. Bashkirev Oleg at

    Al Mubadarah claims a comprehensive approach, but in reality fails to ensure that even simple tasks are adequately completed. Very dissatisfied with the quality and speed of their work.

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