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We’re the UK’s largest car buying service and have helped over 3 million customers to sell their car since 2006. Our simple three step process provides our customers with a quick, easy, safe and convenient way of selling their car. Free from the hassles of private sale and the inevitable haggle of part-exchange. But believe it or not, we do more than just buy cars.

With over 700 employees and over 500 branches nationwide, we’re a pretty big team and there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

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  1. Disatisfiedbywebuyanycar at

    Having booked an appointment at an alloted time on 20/01/2022 at 17.00hrs i attended with my vehicle, when i arrived the employee was dealing with another customer and said wait 5mins and i’ll be with you, at 17.35hrs i had had enough and drove off. anyway i decided when i got home to rebook for the following day (21/01/2022) i arrived at 13.50 as my alloted time and someone eventualy came down to me after staring through an open roof window at me for a fair few mins. He proceeded to do the checks on the vehicle and after about 15mins of tapping his ipad/notebook he said “your MOTs show a discrepency in the milleage but i can see its a mistake by the centre”, anyway he continues tip tapping on his ipad/notebook and eventually says “the descrepency is making a bit of a diffrence to what we quoted you for the vehicle, i then said so how much difference ? Now bear in mind the online valuation was £9,435.00 so i was thinking it’d probably end up at £8,500.00………… How wrong was I…………….. He came out with £6,200.00 is our offer. i immediately snatched back the V5 doc and procceded to say “Forget it” and drove away yet again! Now i am understanding the descrepancy but having contacted the garage whom made the mistake and know us from previous MOTs etc, they are rectifying the issues. So my comments are if it’s as simple as this to rectify a genuine mistake why has it devalued my vehicle by £3,235.00??

  2. 222McWilliams at

    Visited the site and Was given a price, half of what was quoted online and was told The price was guaranteed for 48 hours to think about it. I returned the following morning and was then offered £400 less than the previous evening. Total waste of time. Went to availablecar.com and was much better service.

  3. Garbolino29 at

    Total waste of my time and theirs, The online valuation of my car was £7200 which was a bit less than I was looking for but would of taken the hassle out of selling the car privately, So I made the appointment on line and within 5 minutes I had a phone call from a guy confirming the location, time etc and having a general chat about the car in question, all good or so I thought, 4 days later I was at the Peterborough branch at my agreed time expecting to be offered something close to the online valuation only to be given a sale figure of £6100, when I questioned the price I was told it was because one of my alloy wheels had a scratch on it !!!! BE AWARE.

  4. andrewhz at

    We buy any car based at Matalan. Very easy experience to sell,young man very friendly and pleasant, however offered £636 less for a few very minor stone chips on the lower bumper and literally 2 on the bonnet,this is on a 9 year old car? No one will expect perfect, as new bodywork on a 9 year old car

  5. Moodyad71 at

    Avoid like the plague. Had to take the whole family on a two hour round trip to be told that although my car was in very good condition and they couldn’t point to any fault or damage whatsoever, the computer told them to offer 20% less than the online quote. Utter disgrace. You’d be better off driving your car into a canal.

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