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We are developing software for high -frequency trading on cryptocurrency exchanges: under the supervision of experienced traders and programmers, we create our own algorithms based on artificial intelligence technologies and implement trading modules in Pantera Invest ecosystem.

The company is officially registered in the UK.

Pantera Invest entered into the register of legal entities of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and has an electronic license FCA, Your assets in Pantera Invest are under guaranteed protection of European legislation.

Make sure this is legal: you can read the company’s documents directly on the state resource.

Pantera Invest – The optimal choice for investors who want to earn money with financial market professionals.

Trust complex solutions Pantera Invest Smart algorithms: pay at least attention while artificial intelligence will benefit from your assets and make maximum profits, always remaining in business.

3 thoughts on “PANTERA INVEST Review

  1. Kenneth Hart May 1, 2023 at

    The project lasted only a couple of months, but during this time managed to throw many people for money. There are already negative reviews about Pantera Capital Trade on the Web, and as soon as people realize that they have been deceived, there will be even more responses. Despite the fact that the scammers used a rather primitive scheme, many people still trust black brokers and give them their money. Fraudsters use different tricks, deceit, psychological pressure, manipulation. And it often works. If you are among the victims, all is not lost. Contact us and our experts will help you resolve the issue. After analyzing your situation, together we will find the most successful way out of the problem situation.

  2. Alfred Martin May 2, 2023 at

    Panthera Capital Trade ( is a brokerage company that offers to invest in various assets and markets for stable profits. The Panther Capital Trade company, according to its own words, has more than 100 thousand clients. She has been on the market for over 4 years. The state has more than 825 employees. It is also reported that the project has two offices, one of them is located in Moscow at Tower 2000 emb. Taras Shevchenko, 23A, the second in St. Petersburg at Degtyarny Lane, 11B. Thanks to the site’s whois, we managed to find out that the project was launched in October 2021, so the 4-year experience is a hoax. It is also interesting that at the time of writing this review, the website of the scammers from Pantera Capital Trade was not working stably, which means that the project has already closed or will close in the near future.

  3. George Willis May 3, 2023 at

    Panthera Capital Trade ( — брокерская компания, которая предлагает инвестировать в различные активы и рынки для получения стабильной прибыли. У компании Panther Capital Trade, по ее собственным словам, более 100 тысяч клиентов. Она на рынке более 4 лет. Штат насчитывает более 825 сотрудников. Также сообщается, что у проекта два офиса, один из них находится в Москве по адресу Башня 2000 наб. Тараса Шевченко, 23А, вторая в Санкт-Петербурге на Дегтярном переулке, 11Б. Благодаря whois сайта нам удалось узнать, что проект был запущен в октябре 2021 года, так что 4-летний опыт — это обман. Интересно и то, что на момент написания данного обзора сайт мошенников из Pantera Capital Trade не работал стабильно, а это значит, что проект уже закрылся или закроется в ближайшее время.


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