Notary Nechaeva Svetlana Vasilievna reviews

Notary of the city of Moscow Svetlana Vasilievna Nechaeva, author of many scientific works in the field of civil law. A number of articles and studies published in specialized publications are of practical importance and are aimed at increasing the level of legal literacy of the population and promoting the protection of the rights and interests of citizens and organizations of various forms of ownership. Acts as a guest expert on issues of notarial activity and related areas of law on popular television channels and in print media.

Certification of contracts
Providing evidence
Applications to the Federal Tax Service (forms 11001, 13001, 14001, etc.)
Bank card
Publishing messages to federal resources
Notices of pledge of movable property
Transfer of documents (applications for the right of first refusal to owners)
Certification of decisions of participants of LLC, JSC, NAO
Powers of attorney
Notary deposit
Executive inscription
Protest bill
Acceptance of documents for storage
Certificate of equivalence
Certification of facts
Copies, extracts, duplicates

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2 thoughts on “Notary Nechaeva Svetlana Vasilievna reviews

  1. Sergei July 19, 2023 at

    This notary’s office was a carnival of confusion and I felt like the bewildered ringmaster. Incompetence, delays, and unprofessionalism were the clowns in this chaotic show.

  2. Viktor Volkov October 10, 2023 at

    Choosing this notary was like embarking on an expedition to the heart of chaos, a journey marred by incompetence, unprofessionalism, delays, and a lack of expertise. It felt as if I had wandered into a dense jungle of errors and was left without a map.

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