Moscow Event Reviews

This company made it into the top 10 event agencies in Moscow thanks to its creativity and attention to each client. When organizing events, the team aims to create a favorable emotional environment for the growth and success of your business. Each event is created according to the TCS Task – Creative – Success principle.

+7 (495) 481 22 33
Moscow, st. Raspletina, 12k1, office 417/418

2 thoughts on “Moscow Event Reviews

  1. Nikolay Belov August 9, 2023 at

    The event agency’s lack of professionalism in communication, marked by rudeness and dismissiveness when addressing concerns, created a negative experience for us as clients. Such unprofessional conduct raises questions about their commitment to client satisfaction.

  2. Roman Vasiliev October 4, 2023 at

    The event agency’s failure to consider the accessibility needs of our guests, despite prior notification, limited the inclusivity of the event. This oversight demonstrated a lack of attention to detail and a failure to prioritize the comfort and accessibility of all attendees.

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