Grambit Currency Exchanger Reviews

“Grambit” is an online service where you can quickly and easily exchange bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and other cryptocurrencies at a favorable rate. The project operates in semi-automatic mode, i.e., the participation of a manager is required to complete the exchange. The service interacts with payment systems: MasterCard, WebMoney, VISA, QIWI, Yandex. Money, ChinaPayments, etc. There is no additional commission for exchange, and transactions do not require mandatory verification. Registration in your personal account gives clients the benefits of a loyalty program, and the referral program will allow you to earn money from transactions of new participants.

+7 (800) 499-65-23
st. Tverskaya, 18, Moscow, Russia, 127006

3 thoughts on “Grambit Currency Exchanger Reviews

  1. Khalid Bakr May 5, 2023 at

    My funds were frozen due to unclear exchange rules that were modified without warning.

  2. Salma Mahmoud July 21, 2023 at

    They didn’t disclose all the fees involved in the transaction, and I ended up with less than expected due to hidden charges.

  3. Robert Fisher September 24, 2023 at

    My account was suddenly locked without explanation, and I couldn’t access my funds.


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