Website: https://evocrypto.io

Phone: +1 473 230 03 34

Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Email: [email protected]

About company

We forge the best service by offering a wide range of trading tools and fund management options. Discover the endless possibilities of online trading with a reliable forex dealer.

Why Choose Us?

We stand for licensing, tight spreads and belonging to a brand with an impeccable business reputation. We work to the highest industry standards, provide up-to-date analytics and provide professional customer support.

Improving products and services is one of the main directions of our development strategy.

It offers clients 29 trading instruments, the trading platform and its mobile version, and telephone dealing (opening and closing transactions on a call).

Money is credited to a particular section of the account, which is opened individually for each client.

About the Company

Evocrypto is one of the largest private financial groups in Europe and the CIS. It operates as a forex dealer by concluding over-the-counter settlement forward agreements following the provisions of the current legal framework.

Our Values

The central values ​​of the companies within the banking group are customer focus, attention to business ethics and professional development.

3 thoughts on “EVOCRYPTO REVIEW

  1. Dennis Grant at

    Do they have minimum commissions? Yes of course, believe me, believe me. They gave me 10% of my earnings. And I “earned” almost 20,000 bucks there. And I didn’t really want to give 2K, but I paid anyway. Then they began to procrastinate me with some contracts that I had not seen in person and certainly did not conclude. I have already cursed that agent in all the languages ​​of the world, but justice has not been achieved!

  2. Daniel Torres at

    At this stage, I can not name specific cons. But also pluses, as it were. I have already invested more than $1000, earned a little and wanted to withdraw, but the broker constantly insists that I throw more. I understand everything, a different income, but still a little afraid. Because I know that not all brokers work honestly, and now I can just give them money. Has anyone worked with Evocrypto? I would be grateful for any comment.

  3. Jose Jackson at

    Due to Evocrypto, he is now forced to sit on bread and water in order to repay the loan. I earned 10000K$ I thought that life was getting better and I would be engaged in trading all my life. I filed an application for withdrawal of funds, I was asked to pay a commission, 5% of the amount, this is not small money. I didn’t see anything about the commission on the site, but I think it’s okay to lose those $ 500 with such an income, it’s already not much as it seemed to me. After paying the commission, they told me to pay more for taxes. And so I paid until my account was reset to zero, and the money never came to me.

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