Evadav Traffic Arbitration Reviews

Evadav is a leading advertising platform selling popunder, push, outstream and native advertising on a CPM and CPC basis. Processing 2+ billion impressions per day, we strive to be best in class.

We offer unique technology, 24/7 customer support with dedicated account managers, and a wide range of advertising formats and payment options to suit your needs. We believe your business deserves nothing less.


2 thoughts on “Evadav Traffic Arbitration Reviews

  1. Yegor Lazarev July 26, 2023 at

    The traffic arbitrage service I hired had a lack of conversion tracking capabilities. I couldn’t accurately attribute conversions to specific campaigns or optimize my targeting and messaging based on conversion data.

  2. Sergei Seleznev October 20, 2023 at

    I wasted money on a traffic arbitrage service that had a lack of ad fraud detection features. My campaigns were plagued with fraudulent clicks and wasted impressions, resulting in inflated costs and decreased ROI.

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