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3 thoughts on “ECONOMY REVIEW

  1. Shawn Beck May 27, 2023 at

    I paid for insurance, “full protection” on the site. Then, when I received the car, I again paid the money for “full protection” insurance. The manager said that he would sort it out and return the money later. Then he took a deposit of 500 euros, which is also not returned for more than two months. IN TOTAL THIS COMPANY STOLE 750 EUROS FROM ME. Avoid this company if you don’t want to be in my shoes. Look at the reviews on their website. Solid honey. And try to leave a review there yourself – it won’t work, there is no such option, even if you are registered. But the Internet is full of objective reviews that will confirm my words that this company is g…!!!. Their supposedly low prices, they will compensate by stealing from you – not returning the deposit and forcing you to pay twice for one service. In another company, I would have ordered a Bentley in Monaco for this money.

  2. Shawn Brady June 12, 2023 at

    They cheat and are not ashamed of it. To begin with, money is blocked on your card. Then, regardless of the result – whether you rented a car or not – you can say goodbye to money. They didn’t have their own cars. They only provide services for finding free cars from rental offices. Contact directly, bypassing this dishonorable intermediary, and you will be happy!

  3. Erik Miller August 9, 2023 at

    Hi all.
    I hope to be heard in
    We booked a car with my family in Florence through this service for October 20th. When we came directly to the Hertz company (where we took the car), because is a kind of broker and intermediary. Then my international rights were not accepted, since Russian rights were needed, in the same place at the Hertz office in Florence they advised me to change the booking data to the data of my wife, who had her rights with her, so as not to waste time, we started calling economybookings. com because Hertz could not change the data. Despite the fact that we came to pick up the car at 12:15 pm, we could only be received by 1 pm and while we were doing the re-registration through, the manager of said by phone (you can check by appointment) that he would send a new voucher to the name of my wife, the voucher was never sent to us.


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