AutoStock reviews. AutoStock: When a deal turned into a nightmare – a client’s story.

Purchasing a car at an auction through a mediator is an enticing opportunity to acquire a high-quality vehicle at a favorable price. However, what happens when your trusted mediator fails to take responsibility for the quality and turns out to be unreliable? In this article, we’ll share a real customer’s story who encountered a nightmarish deal through the company AutoStock and explore how to avoid such unpleasant situations.

The Tempting Offer

For many people, buying a car at an auction through a mediator sounds like an excellent idea. This was the case for our protagonist, who approached the company AutoStock with hopes of acquiring a high-quality vehicle. The information provided by AutoStock seemed promising: the car was described as technically sound and lightly damaged. The customer saw no reason to worry and decided to place a bid.

Hidden Pitfalls

However, after receiving the car, the situation began to change. The new owner discovered that his “sound” car was, in reality, technically unsound. The nightmare had just begun: the car turned out to be a “flood-damaged” vehicle with serious engine and electronic problems. Incredibly, AutoStock not only refused to acknowledge their mistake but also declined to provide any assistance in repairing the car.

How to Avoid a Similar Fate

This customer’s story serves as a lesson on the importance of vigilance and caution when choosing a mediator to purchase a car at an auction. Here are some tips that can help you avoid such unpleasant situations:

  • Research the mediator: Thoroughly investigate the company’s reputation, read customer reviews, and find out how many years the company has been in the market.
  • Check the car’s history: Conduct an independent check of the car’s history and its technical condition before making the purchase.
  • Documentation: Ensure that all documents related to the car are in order and match the description provided.
  • Warranties and support: Discuss warranty terms with the mediator and inquire about the support that will be provided in case of problems.

The story of the customer who encountered a subpar deal through AutoStock reminds us of the need to exercise extreme caution when choosing a mediator to purchase a car. By following the recommendations for research and verification, you can protect yourself and make a safe and advantageous purchase while avoiding unpleasant surprises.

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10 thoughts on “AutoStock reviews. AutoStock: When a deal turned into a nightmare – a client’s story.

  1. Smirnov Bogdan July 14, 2023 at

    AutoStock scammed me and my family. We purchased a car that they said was in excellent condition, but in fact it was a wreck. When we asked for help, their response was indifferent and they refused to pay any damages.

  2. Nikitin Egor August 7, 2023 at

    AutoStock failed to meet their technical support obligations when our vehicle needed repairs. We were forced to look for other specialists.

  3. Romanov Pavel August 26, 2023 at

    We encountered an unscrupulous company called AutoStock, which sold us a car with a falsified history and did not accept any responsibility.

  4. Gusev Yuriy September 5, 2023 at

    AutoStock made us promises of a low price for the car, but in the end the cost was significantly higher due to additional repair costs.

  5. Shhukin Eduard September 16, 2023 at

    We expected AutoStock to provide us with support in completing the paperwork, but in the end we had to deal with the bureaucracy ourselves and wasted a lot of time.

  6. Gulyaev Vitaliy October 8, 2023 at

    AutoStock did not provide us with any warranty on the car we purchased through their services. This created a huge inconvenience when the car broke down.

  7. Nikiforov Artyom October 22, 2023 at

    When we contacted AutoStock with a complaint about the vehicle we purchased, the company ignored us and stopped answering calls and emails.

  8. Bobrov Maksim November 10, 2023 at

    AutoStock provided us with information about the car that turned out to be false. We did not have any documents about the condition of the car, and we were forced to spend additional money on repairs.

  9. Ponomaryov Dmitriy November 21, 2023 at

    After purchasing a car through AutoStock, we found ourselves in a situation where the car broke down within a week. The mediator refused to help us resolve the problem.

  10. Zimin Denis December 17, 2023 at

    AutoStock promised us a safe and profitable purchase at auction, but in the end we received a car with serious hidden defects. The company did not take responsibility for this.

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