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The new AMAZY project will allow users to earn internal tokens by walking and running in NFT sneakers. The distance covered in AMAZY sneakers is fixed via GPS. The cost of the first set of NFTs will be $100. Users will then be able to create their own sneakers based on them and sell them. The project uses Binance Smart Chain as the blockchain. You can also get NFTs for free by participating in a drawing held among platform subscribers.

3 thoughts on “AMAZY.IO REVIEWS

  1. Christopher McCoy May 11, 2023 at

    Firstly, you should not read positive reviews about AMAZY, it is 100% bought. Just like you shouldn’t watch bloggers on Instagram and YouTube who drown for this project, this is also fake and bought. Secondly, the project is still developing and developing, but it is far behind the flagships of the move-to-earn niche. Thirdly, the reputation of the person who is at the head of the Amazi, to put it mildly, is not very good.

  2. Tony Sullivan June 17, 2023 at

    I do not see anything inadequate in Amazy. If you understand what you are getting into, and do not risk the last money, then why not invest? I see good potential here, I will invest 100% myself.

  3. Phyllis Young August 9, 2023 at

    So far, I am extremely skeptical, because I do not quite understand the meaning of such projects after Stepn and Aglet entered the market. Moreover, the latter has not even officially launched yet, but has already taken over a good share of the target audience. If the creators of Amazy behave wisely and fill the marketplace with really interesting mechanics, then you can try it. For now, I don’t even know. There is no particular excitement.


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