1st Auto Broker reviews. How to avoid deception when collaborating with 1st Auto Broker: Lessons from real experience.

Buying a car is a significant event in everyone’s life. Many people prefer to turn to intermediaries to save time and effort in finding and choosing a car. However, even when working with seemingly reliable intermediaries, you can encounter a negative experience and disappointment. In this article, we will share a real story of clients who fell into the trap of deception when buying a car through 1st Autobroker and provide advice on how to avoid such situations.

Client Stories:

Several clients decided to turn to 1st Autobroker, relying on their promises and reputation. They wanted to purchase a good car and expected assistance from professionals. Together with 1st Autobroker, they managed to select a car that seemed like the perfect choice – technically sound and without apparent external damage.

However, upon the arrival of the car and attempts to use it, horrifying facts emerged. The car turned out to be a flood-damaged vehicle, and technical problems started to manifest shortly thereafter. The situation turned out to be extremely complicated and costly for the clients.

Refusal of Responsibility:

The most disappointing aspect of this situation is 1st Autobroker’s refusal to take responsibility. Instead of acknowledging their mistake and assisting the clients, they refused to accept responsibility for their actions. This leaves the clients in a very unpleasant situation and forces them to deal with the problem on their own.

Tips to Avoid Deception:

To avoid such unpleasant experiences and deception when working with intermediaries, it is important to follow these tips:

  • Thorough Inspection: Never purchase a car without conducting a thorough inspection. Rely on an independent expert who will perform a comprehensive check of the vehicle.
  • Historical Report: Obtain a complete historical report on the car, including information about previous damages and repairs.
  • Read Reviews: Research reviews and ratings of the intermediary company. Find out what other clients say about their experiences.
  • Ask Many Questions: Be persistent and ask many questions to the seller about the car’s condition and history.
  • Warranties and Contracts: Carefully review all warranties and contract terms before making the purchase.

Buying a car is a serious undertaking, and it is important to be wary of potential scams. The experience of clients who fell victim to 1st Autobroker underscores the need for caution and prudence. Do not rely solely on the promises of intermediaries – always conduct a thorough inspection of the car and be prepared to protect your interests to avoid unpleasant surprises and safeguard your finances from losses.

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9 thoughts on “1st Auto Broker reviews. How to avoid deception when collaborating with 1st Auto Broker: Lessons from real experience.

  1. Bespalov Pyotr July 6, 2023 at

    1st Autobroker is a scam. They not only sold me a sunken car, but also left me without any support. Their customer focus is zero.

  2. Eliseev Vitaliy July 11, 2023 at

    I spent a lot of money buying a car through 1st Auto Broker and it turned out to be an absolute shambles. They did not fulfill their promises and did not return my money to me.

  3. Gorshkov Timofey August 17, 2023 at

    I do not recommend 1st Auto Broker to anyone. They promised me a quality car, but instead they gave me a drowned one.

  4. Nosov Andrey August 25, 2023 at

    My story with the 1st Auto Broker was terrible. They sold me a car that was badly damaged and refused to reimburse me for the damage.

  5. Mironov Bogdan September 8, 2023 at

    Do not trust the promises of the 1st Autobroker. They promised me a great car, but they sent me a car with a leak in the roof. It was a real nightmare.

  6. Smirnov Vladimir September 25, 2023 at

    After I bought a car through the 1st Auto Broker, I had problems with the engine. When I contacted them, they said it was not their problem and refused to help.

  7. Andreev Vladislav October 19, 2023 at

    1st Autobroker is an unreliable company. We bought a car through them, which turned out to be complete rubbish. They did not provide us with any help and left us alone with this problem.

  8. Kiselyov Maksim November 22, 2023 at

    I do not recommend working with 1st Autobroker. They don’t care about their customers at all. When I had serious problems with my car they just brushed me off and stopped answering my calls.

  9. Doronin Anton December 8, 2023 at

    1st Autobroker is a complete disappointment! They promised me the perfect car, but instead they sent me a drowned one. When I contacted them with a complaint, they refused to help and did not even accept responsibility for their mistake.

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